Product information


We take great pride in the quality and construction of our merchandise. Our products are made from eco-friendly materials, using a combination of upcycled, organic and other sustainable fabrics.

Our upcycled cotton comes from Virgin Atlantic Upper Class duvet covers. We use SKAL certified organic cotton on the underside of our products, and 80% recycled hollowfibre for quilt filling. We make everything in the UK.

We use waterbased printing inks which are low-impact. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, are AZO and formaldehyde free, and meet all criteria for eco-friendly pigments.

washing instructions

All our products are hand printed. Our print process ensures long lasting colour, but some slight fading due to washing and use can occur. To keep your item in top condition, we recommend machine washing it cold or at a maximum temperature of 40°C (quilts at 30°C). Always use a mild detergent and do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach.

Duvet and cushion covers can be washed and dried inside out for extra protection. Tumble dry your item on a low heat setting and avoid heavy abrasion caused by dryer balls. For extra precaution, quilts can be placed inside a pillowcase before drying. We do not recommend ironing or dry cleaning our quilts.

Please follow our individual product washing instructions for more information.

sleep safe guide

Our duvets and quilts are not recommended for babies under 12 months. It is vital that your baby is kept at the right temperature to avoid overheating.

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