A slow product

Upcycling is ‘the practice of taking something disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value’. In other words, we use cotton that would be normally be discarded and reuse it to make something new. It takes time and tons of dedication – that’s why we call our products ‘slow’ products. Here’s how we make our beautiful toddler quilts…

sorting upcycled cotton

We check the upcycled cotton for faults before unpicking and sorting it into batches.

preparing upcycled fabric

Each piece is washed, ironed and trimmed. We then sew all the panels together for printing.

traditional screen printing

The fabric is hand printed with our unique limited edition designs.

specialist quilting meander pattern

A specialist quilter transforms our designs into beautiful quilted heirlooms.

edging the quilt with eco-friendly ribbon

Every last detail is lovingly finished by hand.

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